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Downs By The Pond
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Pond Tips

Getting Your Feet Wet !
Water Garden Basics

Water Gardening is one of the fastest growing sectors of the gardening field. The sights and sounds of moving water and fish can greatly enhance every garden. At Downs By The Pond we are pleased to be able to help you make your pond dreams come true.

Happy Ponding

Preparing for a Pond

  1. Choosing a site
  2. The lay of the land
  3. Size and Shape
  4. Scale and perspective
  5. Size requirements
  6. Excavation

Water Containment

  1. Preformed vs. Liner vs. Concrete
  2. Measuring for liner
  3. Underlayment
  4. Lining

Waterfall Basics

  1. Waterfall
  2. Support for the waterfall rocks
  3. Mortar & Spray Foam

Making the water flow

  1. Pumps & Plumbing
  2. Head pressure and friction loss
  3. Submersible or Inline Pumps
  4. Plumbing- Flexible Tubing and Rigid Pipe
  5. Filtration
  6. Ultraviolet Sterilizers


  1. Oxygenators
  2. Marginal or Bog Plants
  3. Deep Water Plants
  4. Free Floating Plants


  1. Bring a pond to life
  2. Gambusia
  3. Comets or Goldfish
  4. Shubunkin
  5. Koi
  6. Care

Problem Solving

  1. Green Water and Other Algae
  2. Leaks
  3. Predators
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